Sunday, July 18, 2010

A very relaxing weekend

P and T have gone away for the weekend and I spent the time blissfully doing nothing! I have watched Twilight, eaten wonderfully unhealthy food and reading.

Yesterday I headed to Yahava Koffee Works, oh my gosh the best place in the world possibly better than churros! They have coffee tasting and I got some delicious coffee from Bali, so good it doesnt need sugar and chocolate coated coffee beans.

I have finished programming for my first group, one more to go. Menu and Program is done for next week and is printing out. Just need to tidy up and work out my personal schedule for the week.

Next week I have another physio appointment which will hopefully fix the spot in my back that is bothering me, planning on also dropping off some flyers to the child health centre, taking L to the movies and I am babysitting next weekend. So combined with working and finishing the book I am reading that should keep me pretty busy.

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