Sunday, August 31, 2008

September Enviro Challenge

Green Spring Clean

• Sort out your cleaning products – use up or give away those nasty chemicals ones and try using green alternatives. You can find many suitable Australian made cleaners in supermarkets or online (just Google!), or try using special cloths that require only water and some elbow grease!

• Get a new Spring fashion and beauty look the 'green' way! Revamp your wardrobe with eco-fashion and accessories. And look into eco-make up. Check here for eco-fashion ideas, as well as here, Gecoz and Margaret River Hemp Co.. Also, try finding eco-make up, such as Miessence or mineral make up. Try these directories too, ecodirectory or the Green Directory. There is also a Pinned Thread: Making your Own Enviro-friendly Beauty & Toiletries.

• Spring clean your body! Consider applying the principals of reducing consumption to our own diets, ie: reducing the amount of excess calories we consume. Living a frugal life, free of consumerism, where you eat to provide the nutrition and energy you need, not to indulge in things you only want/ desire (not really need). This has benefits for everyone, including your body... check out Lara's blog, TheCrone at Wits End.

Ongoing challenge

• Plant your own vegetables, fruit and herbs now, even in a rental or small property. Try growing in pots, or maybe even small hydroponics. Even growing your own sprouts can reduce packaging. Try these websites, Gardenate or Global Garden or Organic Guide. Or these directories might help, The Green Directory or ecodirectory.

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Photos

A couple more pictures from our Nikon D40, Rochelle (my photography guru) tells me these are OK though a little over exposed (or was that under I can never remember!). I am just impressed that they are in focus lol!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Some photos taken with our new Nikon D40

Avoidance of the Ten Non-Virtues

Instead of killing, we should value and cherish life

Instead of stealing, we should freely give what we can to help others

Instead of taking others' wives, we should respect others' fellings

Instead of lying, we should always speak the truth

Instead of causing disharmony among others by slandering them, we should encourage virtue by speaking of their good qualities

Harsh and cutting speech towards others should be exchanged for soft, gentle loving words

Meaningless conversation should be replaced by meaningful activites

Attachment is to be overcome and non-attachment cultivated

Ill-will towards others is to be exchanged for feelings of love and compassion

Incorrect beliefs are to be eliminated and realistic attitudes cultivated