Saturday, October 9, 2010


So we have ventured out on 2 excursions recently, the first one to the zoo with some help from our resource worker.

I loved the Perth Zoo as a child, they used to tell us if you caught a squirrel you could take it home, so I dont think I spent much time looking at the animals but more so searching for squirrels lol! Regardless it holds some fond memories for me and when I found out my daughters class was going it was a great opportunity to share the joy with some small ones!

The 2 kids we took got to see a baby orangutuan, go through the noctural house and visit the african savannah. We had a lovely picnic on the lawn before we left and they also went on the carousel.

We also went to the Cuddly Animal Farm which was a stack of fun but no photos as they all have kids in them! It was a great day out though and I highly recommend it.

During this week we have also had a very special birthday and we made a wonderful birthday cake. Our birthday boy requested a blue cake with pink icing so that is what he got!


In keeping with our open ended play experiences and another fantastic idea from my sister we wet our backyard bricks, gave the kids some chalk and set them free:

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